Season 2018/19

Year of manufacturing



FS East 2019

FS Germany 2019

FS Spain 2019

Back in Black

“Looking at the black and white picture, one cannot help but be struck by the stark contrast between light and dark. The intricate details of the formula car are rendered in shades of gray, with the shadows and highlights emphasizing the car’s sleek lines and aerodynamic curves.

Despite the absence of color, the black and white picture still conveys a sense of power and speed, with the car appearing to leap off the page and into motion.

In a way, the absence of color in the picture invites us to use our imagination and fill in the blanks. It allows us to envision the car in any number of colors or settings, and to appreciate the beauty of its design in a more abstract and imaginative way.”

Technical details

Mass (kg) 183

Max power (kW) 62

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3,3 s

Frame Monocoque

Wheels Carbon 10″

Engine KTM 480 Turbo

Gearbox Sequential (60ms of gearshift timing)

Competitions results

FS East

Venue: Zala ZONE

11. Bussines presentation
21. Cost event
23. Design presentation
19. Skidpad
17. Acceleration
6. Autocross
9. Endurance
18. Overall

FS Germany

Venue: Hockenheimring

53. Bussiness presentation
56. Cost event
46. Design presentation
35. Skidpad
31. Acceleration
35. Autocross
22. Endurance
19. Efficency
53. Overall

FS Spain

Venue: Circuit de Catalunya

28. Business plan
19. Design presentation
16. Skidpad
17. Acceleration
13. Autocross
12. Endurance
10. Efficiency
23. Overall

Photo Gallery

FS East

FS Germany

FS Spain