Season 2020/21

Year of manufacturing



FS Netherlands 2021

FS Czech 2021

FS East 2021

FS Alpe Adria 2021

Not the Prettiest

“When we started working on this formula, we never could have predicted that we would be doing so in the midst of a global pandemic. It wasn’t the prettiest formula we’ve ever worked on, but it was amazing in its own way.

Being in lockdown meant that we had limited access to resources and equipment, but it also gave us the chance to truly focus on the task at hand. We had to get creative and find new ways to make things work, and that made us appreciate every little victory all the more.

Working on this formula gave us a sense of purpose and connection during a time when so much of the world felt chaotic and uncertain. Even though we couldn’t be together in person, we were able to collaborate virtually and support each other through the ups and downs of the project.”

Technical details

Mass (kg) 160

Max power (kW) 52

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3,3 s

Frame Monocoque

Wheels Carbon 10″

Engine KTM 450 SX-F

Gearbox Sequential four speed

Competitions results

FS Netherlands

Venue: TT Circuit Assen

4. Business Plan Event
21. Cost and Manufacturing
14. Engineering Design Event
23. Overall

FS Czech

Venue: Autodrom Most

4. Business Plan Event
12. Cost and Manufacturing
13. Engineering Design Event
9. Skidpad
12. Acceleration
10. Autocross
13. Overall

FS East

Venue: Hungaroring

4. Business Plan Event
22. Cost and Manufacturing 
21. Engineering Design Event
15. Skidpad
19. Acceleration
13. Autocross
20. Overall

FS Alpe Adria

Venue: Novi Marof

4. Business Plan Event
9. Cost and Manufacturing
4. Engineering Design Event
4. Skidpad
9. Acceleration
8. Autocross
4. Endurance
2. Efficiency
7. Overall

Photo Gallery

FS Netherlands

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FS Czech

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FS East

FS Alpe Adria