Season 2021/22

Year of manufacturing



FS Czech 2022

FS East 2022

FS Alpe Adria 2022

Last Combustion

“We can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over us. This is our last combustion formula, and it’s bittersweet to think about all the memories we’ve made and the adventures we’ve had.

We will always cherish the smell of burning fuel and the sound of engines roaring to life. It’s a unique combination that can transport us back to the times we spent together, tinkering with machines and pushing the limits of what we thought was possible.

There’s something special about working with combustion formulas that brings people together. It’s a shared passion that creates a bond between us that will last a lifetime. Even though this is our last time working on this formula, we know that the memories we’ve created will stay with us forever.”

Technical details

Mass (kg) 165

Max power (kW) 38

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3,5 s

Frame Monocoque

Wheels Carbon 10″

Engine KTM 450 SX-F

Gearbox Sequential four speed

Competitions results

FS Czech

Venue: Autodrom Most

13. Skidpad
8. Autocross
9. Design
3. Business plan
17. Cost and manufacturing
13. Overall

FS East

Venue: Hungaroring

15. Design
16. Bussines plan
12. Cost and manufacturing
17. Overall

FS Alpe Adria

Venue: Karting track Novi Marof

9. Skidpad
11. Autocross
7. Design
4. Bussines plan
10. Acceleration
12. Cost and manufacturing
10. Overall

Photo Gallery

FS Czech

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FS East

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FS Alpe Adria

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